The joyful celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020 organized by the girls at Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home left this volunteer humbled.  Skits, songs and dances were performed with enthusiasm and grace, and colourful bouquets of simple marigolds arranged in cardboard rolls were presented to ‘guests’. 

Literally vibrating with excitement, the girls squealed with delight when the three sisters who manage the home arrived in traditional dress along with volunteer Ashley adorned in a colourful shuka and masai jewellery.  Each group presented their program to the delight of Mama Rita, founder of OLOG, three Canadian volunteers, the sisters, the dorm moms and fellow residents. 

Volunteer Ashley in traditional dress adorned in shuka & masai jewelry.

It was a magical afternoon of song and dance, cheering and laughter and unbounded joy as girls and women celebrated sisterhood in this most unusual of settings.  These girls, survivors of abuse, possessors of little, and residents of a culture which is short on rights for women expressed thanks to the women who care for them and support their journey. 

The program transitioned from entertainment to community celebration, girls and women age 3 to 76 dancing and singing in solidarity in the waning sunlight.  So simple, so meaningful, so humbling. 

This article was written by Corinne Gerling, volunteer and supporter of Action for God’s Love. Also thanks to Lynn Hemming and her daughter Ashley Green, AFGL volunteers, for supplying the photos of the celebration.