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Our Lady of Grace (OLOG) Alumnae/Alumni Group  Feb. 2023



Our Lady of Grace (OLOG) Alumnae/Alumni Group

The group comprises members of both young women and men who have been beneficiaries of the OLOG Secondary and Post-Secondary Education programme. 

(AFGL Comment: Although OLOG primarily supports young girls aged 2 – 13 years old,  over the years, a few boys were also financially assisted in boys’ schools before going off to post-secondary studies.)

Our Mission

To show our appreciation, the OLOG Alumnae/Alumni come together to support the Children’s Home in any way that we are able.

About Us / History

We are a WhatsApp group that was formed with the goal of ensuring that the OLOG Alumnae/Alumni keep in touch with each other. Sometime around mid-2022, a few of the members discussed ideas as to how we could help the Group become more active. Thus every member of the Group agreed to contribute some money on a monthly basis depending upon what each could afford. Then, toward the end of 2022, we arranged to pay a visit to the Home on the 26th of February, 2023. With the money we collected, we purchased food and sundry items for the children.

It felt very good to give back.

This was our first time visiting OLOG, Our Home, as Alumnae/Alumni. Many of us spoke to the children in the home, encouraging them to do well in their studies so that someday in the future, they can also be graduates, self-reliant and proud of what they have accomplished.

The date was important because Mama Rita was also here from Canada, and we were so happy to see her and thank her. Unfortunately, many from our Group could not attend on relatively short notice. But the ones who were able to make it were excellent representatives for them all. Next year we will be even better organized. Stay tuned.

Regards, Agnes Gakii

Giving Back – OLOG Alumnae / Alumni

2023 Group of Alumae & Alumni

Although not all members could make their first trip back home on February 26th, 2023, those that could make the trip represented the group well.  They purchased food and other necessary items for the children at the home using funds raised by the entire alma mater.

Mama Rita, who was visiting from Canada, was also present during their visit. 

OLOG Alumnae & Alumni Group giving back

We Believe Compassion Can Change Lives.

Donations & Sponsorships

Your compassion can make an impact beyond measure in the lives of those children who struggle daily to survive and lead a happy and healthy life.