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Financial Assistance

Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School aims to care for over 150 girls and the biggest cost to support them is food, clothing and their education. Your compassion and help can bring hope and a brighter future for these disadvantaged girls. We therefore appeal to your generosity to help support the children by contributing toward their care and education. Any financial assistance will be greatly appreciated.

More than 95% of DONATIONS go for food, clothing, school fees, bedding, toiletries, and salaries for the local teachers and staff!

All the administration, including the bookkeeping is done by volunteers. Volunteers pay their own travel and food costs while working at the school and home in Kenya. This is very unique in the world of non-profits and charities. It is important our donors and sponsors understand that ALL your donations reach the girls and you are impacting their lives in a profound way.

Donations & Sponsorships

  • Make a “one-time’ or ‘Subscription’ donation in any denomination that fits your budget and Action for God’s Love will put the money towards our most urgent needs.
  • Donate any amount and direct that donation specifically to one of AFGL’s Capital Projects(Campaigns).
  • Sponsor a Child – $80/month
  • Sponsor School & Tuition – $35/month
  • Sponsor Food & Clothing – $30/month
  • Sponsor Toiletries & Bedding – $15/month

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The Many Ways to Help AFGL Make a Difference

Current Capital Projects

Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School

Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School is a sanctuary for girls near the town of Marimba in Kenya, Africa which provides food, clothing, shelter and education for young girls from ages 2 – 13.

Sponsorship Programs

Sponsor a Child


Sponsor food, clothing, school fees, books & materials, toiletries & bedding for one child.

Sponsor School & Tuition


Sponsorship covers the cost for attending school, tuition fees and books for one child.

Sponsor Food & Clothing


Sponsorship helps cover the cost of food, play clothes, school uniform & shoes for one child.

Sponsor Toiletries & Bedding


This Sponsorship provides basic toiletries & a warm, comfortable bed for one child.


Completed Projects

Students sitting in their desks - Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten Capital Project – COMPLETED

AFGL is proud to announce the COMPLETION of Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School Kindergarten Classroom Block. This capital project replaced classrooms which had dirt floors, metal walls and no electricity, with a vastly improved learning facility comprised of four classrooms to serve the Kindergarten students, space for a School Library and potentially (in future) a computer centre. All materials were locally sourced and construction was carried out by Kenyan workers. The project was completed on time and under budget.

Washroom built for Our Lady of Grace Home and School

School Bathroom Capital Project – COMPLETED

Upgraded existing pit toilets with an ablution block with a septic tank, urinals, toilets and sinks to help ease the congestion from the current pit latrines.

Completed 'Drying Area' sponsored by the Kenya Tea Company

Clothes Drying Area & Vehicle Port Project – COMPLETED

Covers for clothes drying areas and a vehicle port were constructed using materials (tin sheeting, etc.) saved from the old Kinder block.

Students sitting in their desks - Kindergarten Class

2 Girls’ Dormitory Washrooms Capital Project – COMPLETED

Two of the girls’ dormitories required a complete overall of the washroom facilities with completely new plumbing and fixtures. This work was generously supported by Friends of Kenyan Orphans, (FOKO), a charitable group out of the US who, over the past many years, continues to support the good work and mission of OLOG.

NOTE: Not fully painted and tiled yet, as walls must be exceptionally dry beforehand… otherwise the paint just peels off.
Clean Water Cisterns

Clean Water Cisterns Capital Project – COMPLETED

Construction of a tower for the suspension of two cisterns to store and distribute clean water throughout the complex. Originally planned as a twin tower project, design revisions resulted in a single tower that was both more purposeful and cost-effective.

How You Can Get Involved

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