Kindergarten Complex

Capital Project

Project Goal – COMPLETED

AFGL is proud to announce the COMPLETION of Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School Kindergarten Classroom Block.  This capital project replaced classrooms which had dirt floors, metal walls and no electricity, with a vastly improved learning facility comprised of four classrooms to serve the Kindergarten students, space for a School Library and potentially (in future) a computer centre.  All materials were locally sourced and construction was carried out by Kenyan workers.

Budget costs for this capital project: $105 000 CDN
The project was completed on time and under budget.

The Solution

Floorplans for New Kindergarten Complex

Old Kindergarten Facilities

Project Construction & Completed Facility

The Story of 'Our Lady of Grace Children's Home & School

Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School is a sanctuary for girls near the town of Marimba in Kenya, Africa providing food, clothing, shelter and education for young girls from ages 2-13.

In 2006 the construction of Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home was begun in Marimba on land donated by the Catholic Diocese of Meru. The home opened in 2007 with 9 girls and has grown to over 150+. The girls, aged from 2-13 years, come to us from very vulnerable situations. There is also a school (Kindergarten to Class 8) that the girls attend and receive instruction and training.

The entire project was founded by Rita Balachandran, a woman with a huge heart, and a desire to give of herself unconditionally to those most in need. She has an extraordinary vision, commitment, and tireless work ethic providing a solid foundation of education and loving support for these vulnerable girls. Apart from the basic needs such as food, clothing, education and shelter, the children also get the love they have not had before as well as spiritual guidance, with daily prayers and frequent attendance at Mass.

In May of each year a group of Singaporean University students embark on a month-long adventure to Marimba to work at the Home & School, building desks, adding books to the library, teaching the girls, and giving and receiving love.

Many other people come from all over the world, especially Canada, to volunteer their time.

Do take the time to watch the documentary that we have available for you on this site, A Cause to Love.

A Registered Canadian Charity, called Action for God’s Love (CANADA) Society has been established to provide ongoing funding in support of the girls.

The girls need your ongoing support. While we are unable to match you to a specific child, we have a program where you can – for a small monthly donation – provide the support for the average cost associated for the care and education of a young girl, knowing that 100% of your money is dedicated to that purpose.