Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School – Marimba, Kenya

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Here’s How You Can Help

Volunteer Program is in place to provide opportunities for people from more affluent countries to reach out and share in the mission of Action For God’s Love (AFGL), by helping the needy and underprivileged, by teaching, nursing, caring for the sick, promoting skills development, and other similar endeavours.

Guidelines for Volunteers

Volunteers are invited from all walks of life to support the Home & School to achieve the above objectives by fully participating in its activities.

Our Lady of Grace Home & School expects all volunteers to provide for their own travelling costs, board and lodging expenses while in Kenya, as well as financing the activities they wish to undertake at the Home or School. They will be expected to reimburse the AFGL for any expenses incurred as a result of their stay there.

Volunteers are expected to plan their activities at the Home & School in consultation with the representatives of AFGL prior to their departure for Kenya. They must specify the duration and dates of their stay.  Agreement by both parties is necessary before plans can be finalized.

Volunteers are expected to evaluate their activities and impact at the Home & School before and after their stay and present a report to AFGL.

AFGL Projects

Since its inception, AGFL (CANADA) Society has embarked on and completed a number of projects, in Mongolia, Myanmar, Uganda and Kenya including:

  • building of two dispensaries
  • youth & retreat centres in Uganda
  • a primary school & home for disadvantaged girls in Kenya

Your contributions help to provide the basic necessities, sustenance and education for girls, (either abandoned and/or neglected), and support for the aged and very poor.

This is accomplished through the provision of clothing, food, medical supplies, water supplies, solar power and other necessities. Transitional support continues with the sponsorship of secondary school students and others in further study and career preparation.

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Open Your Heart

Here’s How Your Money Helps

Your compassion and help can make a big difference in the lives of the world’s poor and suffering, who struggle daily to survive and have a decent living. You will bring hope and happiness to those who see no future in their lives.

Through AFGL, you can sponsor:

  • the care and education of disadvantaged children
  • food and necessities for the poor
  • skills development and training for the rural poor
  • the building of schools and their equipment
  • the education and skills training of youth