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Through projects & programmes, AFGL hopes to improve the material & spiritual lives of children born into poverty.


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ACTION FOR GOD’S LOVE (AFGL) is a Trust Fund initiated by Mrs Rita Balachandran in memory of her husband, the late Professor Balachandran, a prominent orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. Registered in December 2002 as a charity under the Charities Act (Charity Reg. No. 1642), Singapore, the Fund was set up with the aim of furthering the charitable work of the Catholic church in the world, particularly in Third World countries where the poorest of the poor are to be found. Now registered in Canada (Charity Registration Number: 837973338 RR0001) the AFGL Society (Canada) sponsors and operates Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School in Marimba, Kenya.

Our Mission

Through projects and programmes, the Fund hopes in some measure to improve the material and spiritual lives of the poor and disadvantaged, especially those trapped in poverty, hunger and thirst, sickness, and abandonment. AFGL’s mission is to enhance the well-being of the needy by providing opportunities for education and self-development, as well as developing facilities for improving their physical and spiritual health. The focus is on giving hope to those who live in despair and hopelessness.


Governed by a Trust Deed, the Fund is administered by a panel of five Trustees, all on a voluntary basis. The Trustees meet periodically to decide on the projects that are to be embarked upon and the application of funds within the parameters of its objectives. Every decision is taken with the endorsement of the majority of the Trustees. To ensure that projects are carried out in accordance with its aims, the Trustees take a hands-on approach by making periodic visits to the sites of the projects to assess their progress, sort out problems if any, and even assist in the day-today work. Benefactors are also encouraged to visit and participate in the projects if possible.

We Believe Educating Girls Can Interrupt The Poverty Cycle.

Our Lady of Grace Children’s Home & School

The growing number of orphans in Kenya, as a result of parents who died of HIV/AIDS and leprosy, or children abandoned and neglected by circumstances beyond their control, prompted AFGL to build a home to provide shelter and care for these children.

We Believe Compassion Can Change Lives.

Donations & Sponsorships

Your compassion can make an impact beyond measure in the lives of those children who struggle daily to survive and lead a happy and healthy life.

AFGL Projects

Since its inception, AGFL (CANADA) Society has embarked on and completed a number of projects, in Mongolia, Myanmar, Uganda and Kenya.

Among many worthwhile projects they notably include:

  • the building of two dispensaries
  • youth & retreat centres in Uganda
  • a primary school & home for disadvantaged girls in Kenya.

Your contributions help to provide the basic necessities, sustenance and education for girls, (either abandoned and/or neglected), and support for the aged and very poor. This is accomplished through the provision of clothing, food, medical supplies, water supplies, solar power and other necessities. Transitional support continues with the sponsorship of secondary school students and others in further study and career preparation.

More Information on Current Projects

Action for God’s Love

Leadership Team

Rita Balachandran


Action for God’s Love (AFGL) is a Trust Fund initiated by Mrs. Rita Balachandran in memory of her late husband, Professor Balachandran. Read More…

Marshall J Heinekey

Marshall J Heinekey

Founding Member

Marsh is a founding member and Director of Action for God’s Love (Canada) Society. Marsh was born and raised on Salt Spring Island, BC, the eldest son of two pioneer families.

Erika Ponsford

Erika Ponsford

Founding Member

Erika is the Program Coordinator for the Salt Spring Therapeutic Riding Association and a part time consultant for several non-profit organizations including Action for God’s Love.

Father Jules Goulet

Father Jules Goulet

Founding Member

Father Goulet met Rita in 2010 and was so inspired by what she was doing for the girls in Kenya that he went on a 5 month trip to Kenya to volunteer on the project.

Lois Hobbs

Lois Hobbs

Founding Member

Lois is the Spiritual Chairman for the Catholic Women’s League, and recently a guest instructor for the diaconate in Vancouver. Lois has a huge heart, is always cooking great dinners for many people, and is a true Giver.

Irv Gerling

Irv Gerling


After moving to Drumheller in 1974, and following his marriage to his wife Corinne, Irv met Rita’s siblings and mother who had all lived down the street from Corinne when she was growing up. It was via the Drumheller connection, meeting Rita, becoming good friends as well as becoming aware of AFGL, that created a desire to become involved.